Saturday 11th May 1200-1500

Filmed highlights from BEAF JAM 2019. Filmed and Edited by Caitlin Mackinnon

An improvisation jam created by Jenna Hubbard, Adele Keeley, Paul Keeley and Sophie Douglas. This intergenerational, cross artform play space was created to encourage adults and child, amateur and artists alike to play creatively in the same space. BEAF JAM was part of the Bournemouth Emerging Arts Fringe in May 2019, and this event was hosted by Arts University Bournemouth.

Come and express yourself and join in our JAM.  Whether you fancy dancing, drawing, writing or conducting music and sounds JAM is a place to express yourself. In the CRAB Studio at the Arts University Bournemouth, artists and amateurs alike, will respond to each other and let themselves be free to create whatever happens. Whether you can spend 10 mins or an hour we offer a safe non-judgemental place to express yourself. Basic kit including pencils, paper and sound system will be provided. The rest comes from you.  All welcome.

Arts University Bournemouth
CRAB Drawing Studio
BH12 5HH

AUB JAM #4 – Wednesday 13th March 2019

AUB JAM #3 – Thursday 21st February 2019

AUB JAM #2 – December 2018

After a long term of teaching, the PaRG met to update one another on their research work and to celebrate our practice with an improvisation jam. The jam was full of end of term creativity, release and freedom to explore our practices. As a group, we responded to the idea of offering one another gifts which could be movements, drawings, writing to inspire further creative content.

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